About Nideesh - Dkey Solutions
Being working as a Network and Security Specialist and Senior System Administrator in my carrier, worked on different platforms which include NT4, 2000, 2003 R2 and Windows 2008&R2. And Linux (Red hat, and Susie Enterprise) Handheld experience and practical knowledge of Active directory management, windows security, scripting and GPO. Ms Cluster, SQL Serves and Exchange installation and configuration. Good knowledge on IBM Tivoli management, IBM TSM, Maximo Service Desk administration. VMware ESX Server and Microsoft virtual server 2005, R2 and Hyper-V installation and Configuration and TSM Backup Archive solutions. -- Best Regards, Nideesh Nattiala nideesh@gmail.com

6 Responses to How to Setup SQL Server 2008/2008R2 Maintenance Plan and Email Notifications

  1. Muhammad Raza says:

    Good Help! Thanks


  2. Hi, I create maintaince plan with email alerts using your post. I have one problem. When job is done I get 3 email, first email for fail, second mail is log and third email is email for successful.

    How can I debug where is problem? I want only one mail.


    • Please send me the code so that I will check…


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  4. Beshim Türkmen says:

    Thanks very good explain


  5. Anonymous says:

    Very well explained!


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